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Jul. 21st, 2011 01:47 am
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That icon? It's basically what my expression is like right now (don't be fooled by the "energetic" mood, it's sort of lying to you!).

I'm being dragged in so many different directions by a ridiculous amount of ideas that I can't even settle down to work on one. I just feel like flailing all over the place, giddy with shiny new fandoms and weird but enthralling addictive AUs oh gosh so many AUs...
So I'm turning to you, flist (and any random journal stalkers). Be as encouraging or stern as you like in the face of this, this complete craziness. :D

I have so many snippets lying around that it would be virtually impossible to even remember all that I have started, let alone get them somewhat organized. Instead, I'll just list out a couple of ideas that are squabbling for my attention. If you have favourites, don't be a teacher. POINT THEM OUTTTTTT... Of course, if you can't decide, go ahead and ask for elaboration or more snippets or whatever you please. Squee, prompt, scold, you know how it goes. 

And here we go! ♥

- I don't even know any more. There's everything from rowdy delinquents and undercover cops to genderswapping to love confession delivery services to kitten matchmakers to bf(f?) soccer players with temporary amnesia. DIVERSITY, why hello there. :O

- There are a couple wips, but the best one is this possibly-enormous epic where Marcus and Esca both meet as slaves. It involves gladiators, angst, and -- obviously -- lots of UST.

- WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN. How about the AU where Eames is a barista (but really a counterfeiter who's been blacklisted by his clients) and Arthur is his way-more-than-life-sorting-secretary. Or maybe the one where they're both in high school and they swim and banter and snark and wind up in a relationship and there may be speedos involved. Or maybe epic backstory that winds up making you cry is your thing. Or maybe a more cliche vampire AU? Or what about a romcom with quiet heartbreak and Ariadne being the awesomest bff ever?

- I've faded out of this fandom quite a bit, but I still haven't been able to completely let go of (nude)-art-model!Jim who has the dorkiest crush ever on his mathematics/engineering colleague, Spock. MOCK ME ALL YOU LIKE, IT'S AN ADORABLE THOUGHT.

- I've already had several prompts filled out wonderfully on the kink meme, but I've kept some back and am sure more are to come. There's still an angsty bonding!AU, a tennis AU, and a regency/victorian/steampunk AU with ties, waistcoats, silk, (leather?) gloves, two-and-three-piece suits, unresolved sexual tension, gunsgunsguns, and bamf!Charles. (How else would you want him, idk.) And there are just so many tempting prompts on the meme, too.

I have also recently been intrigued by (don't judge me lol) The Social Network, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Teen Wolf (reeeaaally don't judge me), and (still some) Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter, so ideas on that front are also welcome.

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