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Has it really been nearly a month since I last said hello?
Well, hello then. :D

I've been fairly busy, but have still found the time to start working on something else. You can probably guess what it is, but since it's a belated birthday present of sorts and still kind of wandering around in antigravity, I'm keeping my mouth shut.

hopefully you'll hear from me a lot sooner near time
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Most of you are probably already aware that LJ has added a new feature. And most of you are probably not in love with it. Same here.
Luckily, I stumbled across this post by [livejournal.com profile] emiliglia (quoted below), which has thankfully solved the issue for me.


"The following line of code, though, doesn't just hide the repost boxes to you like the Greasemonkey code for Firefox going around does. It completely removes the option for everyone viewing your journal or community. I've done it for this comm as well as my personal journal.

1. Go to Journal > Journal Style

2. Go to Customize your theme

3. Go to Custom CSS

4. Copy and paste .b-repost-item {display:none} (make sure you're just getting the bolded text) into the Custom stylesheet

5. Save changes

Now not only can you not crosspost comments, but anyone viewing your account can't either. This doesn't get rid of the reposting option when you're making a new entry, but at least that one's easy to avoid."

I love all of my friends irl, really, but... well. It'll be a lot less awkward if they don't know just how well I write porn. :P


Hope this was of some use to those of you currently worrying!

perfectly happy while disconnected 

EDIT: Supposedly, the following line of code is applicable to more layout styles. Thanks for pointing this out, [livejournal.com profile] februaryfour ! :D

.b-repost-item, FORM#qrform > TABLE[style="border: 1px solid black;"]:last-child TD[style="vertical-align: top; text-align: right;"]:first-child { display: none !important; }

EDIT 2: Tired of that ridiculous "repost to settings" box? Kiss it goodbye. Thanks for the code, [livejournal.com profile] chrysa ! :D

#qrformdiv table strong{display:none !important}
#qrformdiv table a{display:none !important}

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{ so if you flash your heart }

...I couldn’t resist. Written words aren’t cooperating just yet (except for smutty ones... which is nothing new), but my ever-expanding music collection was more than thrilled to provide inspiration. So here’s another fanmix—considerably smaller and louder and more diverse this time, but hopefully just as enjoyable.

The name of the game is the evolution of a relationship—from casual flirting to denial to (literal) explosions to hesitantly falling in love. Plus unresolved sexual tension, ‘cause baby, that’s just how these two roll.
(In spite of this, the cover art somehow wound up being muted and somber, sorry about that, by the way.)

As always, thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated. This one is pretty experimental. ♥

I didn't know where this was going when you kissed me... )

{ .zip }

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Dear Incorrigible Self,

It would be greatly appreciated if you could cease to allow yourself to become distracted by the thought of making more fanmixes. Since it first appeared that one was not enough to satisfy your overwhleming love for this new fandom, you have started in on a second and have henceforth been neglecting your writing. This is unacceptable, but I suppose you had best just go ahead and get it out of your system.

No Love,

Post Script -- Well, since I'm all over it anyway, can anyone point me to a gallery (or three) of decent/high quality Tom Hardy pictures? I feel horribly awkward asking this, but I'm not being creepy. Really. I need more resource images to make graphics for covers.
I've already got JGL covered like white on rice. Several times over, lol.

Post Post Script -- Because I am such an indecisive slacker who lacks inspiration right now, followers of the Inception Kink Meme can point me to your favourite prompts. Who knows, maybe you might get porn out of it? ;D
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It's not even my birthday yet but between all of the goings-on of late, I'm already ridiculously pleased.
I don't much care for shindigs, so I'd be totally cool with it passing by right now anyway. ♥

Things that are making me really happy right now include:
-excellent music stuck on repeat that makes me want to dance and never stop
-sexy new gray pencil skirt and purple flats that I just bought myself
-this beautiful contemporary dance that breaks my heart a little bit more every time I see it (You give me sexy men and angst and my favourite choreographer plus one of my favourite musical artists and ask me not to ship it all so hard? I'll call you crazy.)
-a new round of the kink meme that's taken over my life
-bumping into old and new friends alike
-going to the movies and laughing so hard I can't breathe
-being in the mood to write, finally
-et cetera, et cetera, et cetera... ;)

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{ like i will be missing you }

So far all of the fanmixes already cranked out for these two have been incredible and sexy and upbeat and all about taking names, but I wanted to try and explore a different aspect of their relationship. One that might eventually come to pass, no matter how much they wish it wouldn’t—limbo.

the rules don't count when you're goin' down... )
{ .zip }

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After seeing Inception, the following things have happened (although not necessarily in this order):

a) I now have a bigger suit!kink than ever.
b) I'm the tiniest bit in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's acting.
c) Fanmixes from this movie have taken over my playlist.
d) I've made a massive Eames/Arthur fanmix (will be up in the near future), which then kickstarted the thought of having miniature written moments interspersed with the tracks, which then somehow evolved into me considering just writing accompanying fic instead. We'll see what happens...

*happily drowning in new sharply-dressed fandom* 

Post Script -- Point me to some fantastic Inception icons, please? I'm thinking of swapping out sets soon.
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...I entered. :P
It's good practice for manga colouring, although it was quite the time crunch! (Especially since I have a tendency to just colour full-scale, and I only found out about the contest halfway through the week.)
If I'm not eliminated right away, I'll post up all of my partially coloured panels (and their icons) at a later date.

Graphics-inclined people should participate next round, too! (Or maybe this round? I'm not too clear on the rules about joining in mid-contest...) It's loads of fun either way.

the world's bright and beautiful


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Ugh, real life has been kicking my butt lately.
Projects and finals and everything has just been piling up lately. I can't wait until summer break, if only for the chance to finally catch up on some things so that I can obliverate my makeshift to-do list and then probably make a new one.
Sorry for the lack of contact and lateness of replies as of late. (Has it really been that long since I posted here? Really? :O)

MY LIFE UPDATE(S): { in five words or less }
-001- Too many tests. Damn it.
-002- Seriously considering ambidexterity. Will write.
-003- School, please be over soon.
-004- Also considering more art projects.
-005- Shiny new fandoms are shiny.
-006- I have developed an aesthetique. (!?)
-007- It's time to improve flexibility.
-008- Music appreciation is a must.
-009- Math should seriously suck it.
-010- ...So should scheduling conflicts.
-011- Do I need glasses again?
-012- Note to self: play viola.
-013- Next year will be amazing.
------ (I am stopping for now.)

Chuck Norris sleeps with his pillow under his gun.

(Post Script -- There's no such thing as being too tired for a Chuck Norris joke.)

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To quote / paraphrase unapologetically from the front page, [livejournal.com profile] spnland is an interactive community that encourages its members (all of whom have been sorted into one of three teams, each vying to win the Apolocalypse, SUPERNATURAL-style) to participate in a wide variety of challenges.

Challenges can involve just about anything -- from a fanmix to a crossword to an alternate universe writing assignment. There's something for everyone, and who doesn't love a little friendly competition and a good handful of prompts to get you going?

(If you do decide to take part in [livejournal.com profile] spnland, when you fill out your application please mention that you were referred by me.)

--- (end spiel :D) ---
Ack, the next couple of weeks are going to be a complete headache... crammed full with standardized tests and projects (group ones too, ugh) and presentations and all sorts of unpleasantries.
Hopefully I'll have a bit more spare time to myself afterwards, though. I could really use a week off right about now. I haven't made much headway at all on my to-do list, even if I have started clearing away a bit of the creative block lately (random unexpected challenges have that sort of effect on me, I suppose).  

*trying to recuperate*

Post Script -- How's life been treating you lately? <3

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