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In terms of romantic songs...
What's your favourite?
How about a cheesy one?
A sexy one?
A fun one?

Today my best friend and I made a feast of German food! )

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Yesterday was a day of two firsts.
One of them was driving, and the other was grilling.

I'll start with the latter. My mother had to pick up my father from the train station and left me in charge of the grill. (I might not have done the same, haha! I wonder what she expected to eat when she returned? Charcoal strips instead of teriyaki wings?) Everyone went smoothly, though! (Phew.) <3 
I'd have taken pictures, as they looked absolutely delicious, but alas! They also tasted absolutely delicious and so there was nothing left to take pictures of. Oops. Sorry?

Driving. Oh my. We started out in the parking lot at my school, and my mother was so jumpy that it started giving me a headache. We switched parking lots (to the one I'd recommended initially) and things went just fine despite the narrow space. Today I found out that she wasn't as bad as one of my friend's mothers (who apparently grabbed the wheel every so often, hyperventilating), but still. *sigh*
We drove with the teacher today, and I thought it went phenomenally. The only comment he had was 'WAY TOO FAST!' [This is a direct quote from what he wrote on the record sheet. XD]
I don't know whether to take this as a bad thing or not. The other girls I drove with received comments regarding steering and lane placement/drifting and the like [not to mention the fact that they both stomped on the brakes once or twice, whereas I learned my lesson last night the first time I tried it], but I didn't get anything other than that speed bit. So I think I did okay?
Sheesh, man, I didn't even break twenty miles per hour! :'D

Also, tennis camp started again! I couldn't attend this morning, as I was driving, but yesterday was okay. I'm a bit out of shape though, in regards to my stroke control. D:


Post Script -- I just finished watching Howl's Moving Castle on television. I love that movie; it always makes me smile.
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