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I’m useless when it comes to resisting temptation (okay, that’s been established pretty well by now), and the idea behind this particular fanmix struck me pretty hard. There have already been plenty of mixes focusing on the history between these two, but I wanted to take that whole concept, rip it apart, and put it back together as something entirely different. In doing so, I decided to run with the somewhat-popular notion that either or both of these men are ex-military (which was actually still pretty original back months ago when I first started, haha)—but on opposite sides. This is the result.

Initially, I had planned for this to be dark and compact, but as you can see, it didn’t quite turn out that way. The concept behind it evolved as I went along, and the music reflects that. Since I doubt that I'll ever get around to writing it, I'll disclose the original storyline I had for this:
Arthur and Eames are acquainted as agents currently cooperating internationally. Then Eames winds up being an operative who went rogue after a job gone wrong (who conned his way back inside and managed to charm Arthur before taking off with classified information [a PASIV actually]). It turns out that Arthur is assigned the task of tracking him down in order to silence him. This ultimately leads to Arthur leaving the military.
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...I couldn’t resist. Written words aren’t cooperating just yet (except for smutty ones... which is nothing new), but my ever-expanding music collection was more than thrilled to provide inspiration. So here’s another fanmix—considerably smaller and louder and more diverse this time, but hopefully just as enjoyable.

The name of the game is the evolution of a relationship—from casual flirting to denial to (literal) explosions to hesitantly falling in love. Plus unresolved sexual tension, ‘cause baby, that’s just how these two roll.
(In spite of this, the cover art somehow wound up being muted and somber, sorry about that, by the way.)

As always, thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated. This one is pretty experimental. ♥

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So far all of the fanmixes already cranked out for these two have been incredible and sexy and upbeat and all about taking names, but I wanted to try and explore a different aspect of their relationship. One that might eventually come to pass, no matter how much they wish it wouldn’t—limbo.

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