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Dec. 15th, 2011 12:00 am
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So it's winter break now, and I've been chilling around baking way too many yummy things just because I can. Then I stumbled across a veeeeeery old (and by old I mean truly ancient) manga colouring I did several years ago. I cringed inside and got to thinking: I wonder if I've improved at all in spite of not colouring a thing since then...
To put it mildly, I was pleasantly surprised. I'm still very rough (what are backgrounds? what are clothes? who needs hair?) and I work ridiculously slowly, but I'm happy with the final image for now. :P

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finally getting creative

Post Script -- Fanmix headed your way pretty soon if all goes according to plan. ;)

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Jul. 21st, 2011 01:47 am
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That icon? It's basically what my expression is like right now (don't be fooled by the "energetic" mood, it's sort of lying to you!).

I'm being dragged in so many different directions by a ridiculous amount of ideas that I can't even settle down to work on one. I just feel like flailing all over the place, giddy with shiny new fandoms and weird but enthralling addictive AUs oh gosh so many AUs...
So I'm turning to you, flist (and any random journal stalkers). Be as encouraging or stern as you like in the face of this, this complete craziness. :D

I have so many snippets lying around that it would be virtually impossible to even remember all that I have started, let alone get them somewhat organized. Instead, I'll just list out a couple of ideas that are squabbling for my attention. If you have favourites, don't be a teacher. POINT THEM OUTTTTTT... Of course, if you can't decide, go ahead and ask for elaboration or more snippets or whatever you please. Squee, prompt, scold, you know how it goes. 

And here we go! ♥

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