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Dec. 30th, 2009 11:08 pm
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Instead of somehow managing to summarize this entire beautiful yet stressful mess of a year in time for 2010, I figured that I should seize the opportunity to fill an entry with various things instead. [Poll #1505362][Poll #1505362]+ mixtapes
You want one? In celebration of the new year (and having bothered to read this far), go ahead and ask for one. Character, pairing, series, theme, or prompt -- any combination of those should be alright. I'll let you know if I don't know enough about such-and-such, or if I need clarification on anything. Have at it, darling.

it's gonna be a lovely year
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[Poll #1489081]And here I was, going to ask about Christmas and fluff tolerance instead...


Post Script -- Guess I'll go ahead anyway. What do you think of holiday-themed fics? Too overdone? A favourite of yours?


Nov. 8th, 2009 09:50 pm
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Haha, I figured it was about time for an update. (I added tiny icons to my current layout. [Poll #1482750]


Poll locked because I know none of you will bother to nab my ideas. As if anyone would. XD
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After a frustrating week of match cancellations due to rainy weather), we finally got to play today. We won the meet, although my partner and I didn't win our match. It was close, and it left me sighing because I thought that we could have beaten the other pair if we had pushed a little harder. Alas. <3[Poll #1451606]Love,
sorry for another poll

quick poll

Jul. 30th, 2009 11:31 pm
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[Poll #1437565]

Come learn a bit about: VERB TENSES // NARRATIVE MODES

i'd like to hear your opinion

Post Script -- A great big thank you to any and all who respond. <3
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[Poll #1435554]I'll try to keep things short, but for those of you who've read my (more recent) writing, you know it'll probably get out of hand.
I've probably forgotten fandoms of mine. Alas. {KHR is a new one. I read up to C085, so try to avoid anything from after that, as I won't understand you. At all.} I ask requesters to avoid anything too dark for now, but better just go ahead and ask; the worst I can do is let you pick something else.

*in the mood for drabbles*
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I apologize. The poll button is malfunctioning and I don't have the patience to henpeck it now. *shoots a glare*

Would anyone be interested in (very high quality) transcripts of MERLIN episodes?
(Please reply if the answer is yes. I'd like to know before I go straining my ears for nobody.)

Also, people who are up-to-date with how NBC is airing Merlin -- are they really smushing together two episodes to avoid being "slashy"? Thank you in advance.

keeping it simple
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Screw the poll feature. It's so uncooperative.
Just post a comment with your answers if you choose to reply, please.

1 -- Have you actually read something I've written before?
a) Yes.
b) No.
c) Can't remember.

2 -- What genre of fic would you enjoy reading the most? (Choose as many as you like.)
a) Action / Suspense.
b) Angst / Drama / Tragedy.
c) Family / Friendship.
d) General.
e) Horror / Supernatural.
f) Humour.
g) Hurt & Comfort.
h) Romance.
i) Science Fiction / Fantasy.
j) Other -- please specify.

3 -- What kind of setting would you like for the fic?
a) One hundred percent canon verse.
b) Some deviation from canon verse.
c) Alternate universe. (See next question.)

4 -- If you like AU fics, what kind would you like to see?
(Please leave a comment. <3)

5 -- What fandom would you prefer? (These are the ones I'm willing to write now, but hey, you might be able to convince me otherwise...) (Choose as many as you like.) 
a) Bleach.
b) Eyeshield 21.
c) Harry Potter.
d) Naruto.
e) Ookiku Furikabutte.
f) xxxHolic.
g) None. Go original.
h) (Whatever happened to your NaNoWriMo?)
i) Maybe you should try writing for ____. (Comment with whatever it is, please.)

6 -- Fic yay or nay?
a) YAY.
b) NAY.
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