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Dec. 20th, 2008 10:51 pm
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Do I have a masochistic side or something?
I'm kind of... sort of... in a tiny corner of my mind... thinking about asking for prompts.

Prompts, as in a few words or a phrase, or maybe even a quote to include in it. Whatever it winds up being. (Probably something ES21, since I've recently gotten obsessed. ...How awkward is it to say that?)

I already owe a shiteload of fics (No, I haven't forgotten them, I swear... t___t) b-but...!
Shiny new fandom calls. It's too fun to experiment.
Maybe if I feel particularly like overwhelming myself, I'll try and write up another huge prompt list for ES21, and maybe actually try finishing a bit more of it this time around. I just feel horrible for not writing much at all. Period.
I'm probably going through withdrawal for not writing slashy stuff in quite some time. Haha, if it's possible. :P

hesitant? <3

Post Script -- [profile] pukiban, maybe if you get more specific with a [TAJIHANA!!! 8DDD] request, I can get it done quicker than the other two ones I stiiiiiiiill owe you? As I've whined to you, I have trouble pairing porn and oofuri. :'D
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Sometimes when all I want to do is go to bed, I can only close my eyes and am still be one hundred and one percent aware of my surroundings. It's horribly-frustrating and draining. *yawn* D:
So ah, not much sleep.
Doesn't stop me from feeling like writing something. A oneshot maybe?
*still stuck on the whole NARNIA slash thing* :P

Will do prompts? <3
Probably the smutty ones.

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