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As usual, disclaimer applies. :D

*-Syracuse University
-Cornell University
It's short because I'm tired. Pictures of campuses with an asterisk are available upon request.
Syracuse University was quite nice -- the campus wasn't as beautiful as some of the others I've been to, but the courses and programs there seemed excellent. They have an amazing program for abroad coursework, too! <3
Cornell University was a bit of a disappointment. The campus was decent, borderline pretty even, but the surrounding area was a little too disorganized and rural for my tastes. But what really made me decide not to attend was the way in which Asians are treated. My mother pointed out that everyone considered them to be working class in the area surrounding the university, and as we ate lunch I noticed this. A businesswoman was speaking with the owner of the restaurant, and it might not have been apparent, but I found her tone incredibly disrespectful. It just bothered me, since it was the tone you adopt with someone possessing an inferior intelligence, and the playing field seemed pretty damn equal to me.
Well, anyhow, I'm glad that we're out of there and on our way home! Super! :D 
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Same disclaimer applies and shall continue to apply.

Due to a lack of Internet access, I've had days build up. I dread catching up on everything, and so to speed up the process a tad, here are the cliffnotes from the different days. I'll make a note of which schools I have pictures from (tagged with an asterisk), and I will upload a few upon request. :D
Also, before I forget while I'm at it, I'll list out the order in which the colleges have placed so far. We have two schools left, and we visited two additional ones upon recommendation (tagged with an exclamation mark). You'll see how well that went.

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Now we're pretty close to our last couple of universities in New York! Whew, I love New York -- it's such a mix of prim and crazy and gorgeous and downright awkward. :D

Have questions? Feel free to ask away.

(-__-) ...zzzzzz...
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The same disclaimer tag of day one applies here.

-University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)
-Princeton University (Princeton, NJ)

part two )


Post Script -- Plus, I don't have to get up early tomorrow! We're near New Haven for Yale University now, but tours don't start until mid-afternoon. SCORE.
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The same disclaimer tag of day one applies here.

-University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)
-Princeton University (Princeton, NJ)

part one )

I'd say more, but there's still part two for that. :D

more to come

EDIT: Gyuh, almost lost this entry. Hotel internet, stop acting up! Posting what I have without more blather.
EDIT2: My apologies for forgetting to add an LJ-cut. Added.

day one

Jun. 11th, 2009 08:32 pm
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Note: Before I get into anything, please just know that the anecdotes I share and views reflected here are my own and are in no way affiliated with whatever enterprises or locations are mentioned therein. Thank you. <3

-University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA)

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All in all, not a bad start. More of the universities I wanted to see  are coming up tomorrow, if all goes well!
Wish me more luck! (And maybe this time I'll remember the camera! xD)

*using hotel internet ftw*

Post Script -- If anyone finds this entry rather spammy, I can friends-lock it and future entries of the like. Just drop me a line.
Also, please forgive any lowercase i's or formatting errors you find. Such is the price I pay for using a laptop. D: 

oh, right

Jun. 10th, 2009 10:15 pm
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Forgot to mention that the trip itself is tomorrow morning. It'll take a bit more than a week.
Wish me luck? :'D

*will try to check back every so often*


Jun. 9th, 2009 07:52 pm
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I really dislike the way that everything seems to pile up all at once out of the blue. D:
This week was jam-packed with final exams. I also somehow have to find a way to read the entire road rules manual (yes, I'm enough of a dork to actually bother), get my driving permit (don't laugh), and research colleges / map out a route encompassing them by the end of tomorrow. JOYOUS.
I suppose I should get going on the latter, as I could probably just go in and take the former with common sense on the brain and manage a passing grade anyway. *sigh*
If I manage to decide (and still have time left over), I'll share which universities I'll be visiting. I'll be bringing my laptop with me, so if I'm not too exhausted from trekking around (!?) I'll say hello every so often. :3

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