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Dec. 4th, 2008 09:36 pm
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Post Script -- ...<333
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Haha, first post I make in a while and it's to get down to business. -___-;

I finally got around to doing a credits page with the official art. )

And also, I've got an important question for all staff members. )

Current Projects )

Please get back to me when you get a chance.
Thank you all~! <333


Post Script -- There's still a whole lot left to do on the site but I figure that it'd be okay to release stuff while it's under construction since we've been at it so long. Opinions?
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But it does save me from being overly redundant with instructions or points, and it is something simple and basic to work up from. 

-PLEASE SAVE YOUR WORK IN .PSD FORMAT. DO NOT TOUCH THE ORIGINAL RAW. (I find this a lot easier to work off of if I'm quality-checking, and also for the typesetter so they can see the text placement. Now you know. :P)
-Umm... When you finish, send it back to me? That's a bit of a given... -___-;
-If you have any concerns, please let me know when you hand in your work. (Saying that makes me seem like a kindergarten teacher, sorry...) Cleaners, if there's a problem with a page, please don't resize it, and just point it out to me.
-Don't worry about file size. I'll be going back in and compressing/renaming later.

-Leveling (don't overlevel to the point of nasty pixelation, I go back in to fill blacks anyway) 
-Editing out SFX (Do not bother to edit out something that covers an entire panels. Just, no. I don't care how you do this, whether it's copy-pasting or that fancy clone/heal tool. Please do edit them out, though. Thank you.)
-Text bubbles (Okay. When you clear out all the text bubbles, do it on another layer, totally separate from your editing. This is so, if we ever need to erase something we haven't got a trans for, it doesn't wind up getting rid of that super-hard redraw you just did.)
-Redraw (Yep. You should redraw. None of those weird random white lines in the middle of a screentoned panel.)
-Resize to a width of 675 pixels, unless the RAW was smaller to begin with. (It shouldn't have been.) In that case, resize to the width of the smallest page size.

-Although by now it's disgustingly-overused, "Wild Words" is a font that will get the job done. All caps, please. Save it for plain dialogue and use it for thoughts, but italicize it and do a colour overlay of #55555(5? It's all fives.). 
-For small 'aside' texts, use "augie" with normal punctuation and grammar (not all caps, please). If things get really tight in a space, drop all the caps save for names.
-For more factual side texts, use "Felt." (By factual side texts I mean things like, "He's secretly a bit happy.")
-Add fitting punctuation to anything that lacks it and manages to slip by our proofreaders. This probably won't be the case, but hey, you never know. (Especially since I'm one of them, haha... xD)
-Go crazy with SFX. Really, do whatever you think looks good. If you go too wild and make things unreadable, don't worry, I can tone you down with the quality check.
-When appropriate, add a stroke around the text. (Cases of this would be: non-white background, text on background, sfx, et cetera.)

If I remember to later, I can add more and/or pointers.
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Response from the cleaner came in, although it looks like I'll be the one editing those massively-ugly gutter shadows out after all. Darn. (Unless the other one responds too...?) 
Sent out some messages or other.

Me, productive? Le gasp.

*totally good mood*
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Gyuh, I want cleaners.
I am seriously not wanting to go through every doujinshi that's been translated, edit them all, and typeset half or so (thank goodness I've got a fellow typesetting victim volunteer). 
All that editing, though? Not cool.
It takes me fuuuureeevaaahhhhhhhhh to clean, because I have astromonical standards and am easily swayed into doing other things. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of cleaning scans. So now I'm going to have to go hunting for some other kind souls to help me out in that department.
Hopefully search = success? :B 

[/whiney rant concluded]
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 I'm downright pathetic at keeping track of simple things.

So, here you go, self. 
This one's more specific. You've gotten translations for the following OOFURI doujinshis. So go edit them. 
Or have someone help you out with that. xP

status list --
Smile, Please! is a definite work in progress. All good there.
Kimi no Kakera... actually hasn't been started yet... *mutters*
Porno Lesson 01/02 (LOL xD) has been looked through and about one page is done. ;___;
Sayonara Mata Ashita has been sent to daisy_chan for a cleaning, and yukitsu is proofing the translation. I think...

I feel so out-of-touch. 
(some girl)

Post Script -- I reallyreallyreally want to make a mood set. :P
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