Dec. 9th, 2008 09:19 pm
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Without my realizing it, the 10K hit mark for the site snuck up on me.
And passed me. Irrefutably.
Haha, so is anybody interested in perhaps trying to pull together another release for a belated sort of celebration? (Any nominations for which project?) Might be nice, even if it's just to get the release out. xD

On another note, I've been so busy keeping track of everything else that I've lost tabs on the order in which translations were turned in. I like to be fair about that (what gets scanlated when), but at the moment it's all sort of half-hazard, as a lot of the editors I assigned jobs to are MIA as of yet... >___>
Could you all just check in quick? It's been a while since I've heard from some of you...

Um, let's see...
There's also the fact that nobody is locked into any specific project. Even if you promised that you'd do it, if things are just overwhelming you, you can postpone it or swap it, et cetera. I'd much prefer you coming to talk to me about that than just vanishing off the face of the planet. I'm pretty relaxed, so talking things through is lovely. -___-;

That's pretty much all that I remember wanting to say. Thanks for reading? :P

sorry to put on the crack-down
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-All information and downloads prepared.
-Graphics on standby...
-Waiting on a response from the QCer before posting. <3

By the way, about quality-checking...
I don't like to send out anything that has been seen by another set of eyes (even if this person has no idea how to edit -- anyone will do so long as they will voice their opinion as  it stands about any errors they may come across).
This task would involve you just getting a 'sneak-peek,' so to speak, of the release. You look through the zip like you would any normal bit of manga and let me know what you think [what needs improving/what's good/et cetera]. That's it. Really.
Would anyone be interested in volunteering their services?
It'd be on a rotational basis, if I can get enough people.

we're looking ship-shape
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At the moment, we're 244 hits away from having gathered a whopping 5,555 visits.
...And we still haven't released anything. (My fault. Probably.) xP

I'm currently setting up for a biiiiiiig doujinshi post (there's four <3), and am wondering if perhaps we should put in that extra push to release something as well, since the magic number here seems to be five anyway. Thoughts? Suggestions?
I should also get back into the whole series information part of the site too, as it's been neglected for quite some time...

I-It's been so long that I'm kind of forgetting stuff... be kind...

bloodred0_4 -- ...My silence speaks volumes. GETTING DOWN ON IT, I SWEAR.
nivril -- The IzuMiha one, Friends.
pandiiimoniiium -- You've got... Sayonara Mata Ashita.
yukitsu -- Um, I think you have Kimi no Kakera. (And also I have Heart's Ease waiting for typesetting when you have more time. I know you're still quite busy with NaNoWriMo.)

...You know who you are. I don't need anything right away, because it's dubious there'd be time to edit it anyway, so this is just a reminder of who's got what.
aiwritingfic -- ??? (You might have told me the title, but I've forgotten it if that's the case. .__.)
hachinoyou2sasu -- Hanihohetoira
mangy_mongrel -- Doremi-Done (I remember that you were pretty busy...)
pukiban -- Kimi no Tame ni Tekiru (that KazuJunta (?) one), Naipi!
seki_yumizu -- One More Time, Slide

There are also a couple of unclaimed edits waiting to happen.
I My Me Mine (AbeMiha, lots of redraws)
Runs Away to the Beach (AbeMiha, R, easy clean)
Sakura no Hanabira ha Nando De Mo (HaruAbe, some bad guttershadows)
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Haha, first post I make in a while and it's to get down to business. -___-;

I finally got around to doing a credits page with the official art. )

And also, I've got an important question for all staff members. )

Current Projects )

Please get back to me when you get a chance.
Thank you all~! <333


Post Script -- There's still a whole lot left to do on the site but I figure that it'd be okay to release stuff while it's under construction since we've been at it so long. Opinions?
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