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I'm leaving for college in less than two weeks (eeeeeek!) but I've signed up for two Big Bangs nonetheless.

[livejournal.com profile] bigbang_mixup was too hard to resist. I've only just signed up but I've already finished one mix and begun another. [livejournal.com profile] teenwolfbbang is also going swimmingly, but at a much more sedated pace because I write like a snail crawling through cheesecake. Very slowly indeed. I wish that I could reveal more, but you'll just have to wait until posting time rolls around to find out!

I probably won't update too often (like I do anyway, haha, sorry) until I'm all settled in at my dorm, the one farthest from just about everything on campus. But feel free to pester me with college questions anyway. :D
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game-changer straight ahead

Post Script -- I've failed spectacularly at learning to screenprint t-shirts this summer. I've also failed at doing the summer reading (ECONOMICS, OKAY. DNW.), maintaining a sparkly-clean room, and figuring out how to bake french silk mini-tarts. That last one will have to be remedied immediately. Or at least before I go visit my BFF at her dorm.
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After seeing Inception, the following things have happened (although not necessarily in this order):

a) I now have a bigger suit!kink than ever.
b) I'm the tiniest bit in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's acting.
c) Fanmixes from this movie have taken over my playlist.
d) I've made a massive Eames/Arthur fanmix (will be up in the near future), which then kickstarted the thought of having miniature written moments interspersed with the tracks, which then somehow evolved into me considering just writing accompanying fic instead. We'll see what happens...

*happily drowning in new sharply-dressed fandom* 

Post Script -- Point me to some fantastic Inception icons, please? I'm thinking of swapping out sets soon.
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