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I'll be gone for a week or so starting tomorrow.
As I'm riding the train out West, it's unlikely that I'll be able to tap into any Internet connection on the way over. Plus, it's my first time actually going to that side of the country, so I'll be enjoying the scenery (Grand Canyon!) whenever possible. I'll try my best to remember to take pictures and share if anyone's interested and they're not horrible...! :D

Hopefully on the train I'll be able to get some things done. And if not, well, that's what vacations are for. <3

(No college visits this time, thankfully!)

Post Script -- I thought I'd have break to work on my resolution / to-do list... alas, looks like it's getting extended into April.
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Have the loveliest day ever, [info]popsiclehands!
Wish I could be there to tell you in person. :)
I still owe you a fic and a fanmix, but might there be anything else you'd want?

And wow, it's been more than a month since I last (officially) posted? Really?
I guess real life has been keeping me very busy, haha. There's so much still left to do! I kind of just lost track of time,

My to-do list feels like it's getting longer and longer, so for the month of March, I'm going to try and strike off as much of it as I possibly can. *just decided this two minutes ago*

So, self, here you are: (excluding outside work)
-two kink fics (still, ack, sorry!)
-more typesetting
-fic and fanmix and layout
-college, damn it.
-writing! writingwritingwriting. it's been too long.
-getting to know you all a bit better
-graphics? community?
-sewing / crocheting / other art projects
-more scanlating
-reorganize everything -- 20% DONE
-stuff I'm already forgetting


Post Script -- *crosses fingers and bites lip*
Post Post Script -- Uncut because I need to be continually reminded.
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